• Linda Kunos
  • John K. Cox


Editor’s Note

An Interview with John K. Cox, PhD, Professor of East European History and department head in history at North Dakota State University, Fargo (USA)

John K. Cox, PhD is a renowned specialist in Balkan history. He earned his PhD at Indiana University in 1995 with a biography of Edvard Kardelj and has published a number of articles on Serbian, Slovene, and Yugoslav history. Some of his chief publications are The History of Serbia (2002) and Slovenia: Evolving Loyalties (2005). His current work is in intellectual history and is situated at the intersection of literature and the political and social currents of nationalism, fascism, and, especially, communism. He is also a literary translator and has translated six volumes by Danilo Kiš, two by Biljana Jovanović, and other works by Ajla Terzić, Muharem Bazdulj, Jurij Koch, Joseph Roth, Stefan Heym, Miklos Radnoti, Ivan Cankar, Ivo Andrić, Goran Petrović, Vjenceslav Novak, and others. He is currently translating Biljana Jovanović’s Duša, jedinica moja as well as Atelanska igra by Dragana Kršenković Brković.
We had the pleasure of meeting John K. Cox in Belgrade, at the conference entitled Language, Literature and Nature where he delivered a keynote lecture on practicing history and literary translation. This interview was conducted by email between Budapest, Belgrade, and Fargo.
The editor would like to cordially thank Linda Kunos, Acting Director and Editor of Central European University Press, and John Cox for doing the literary interview and allowing the readers to hear their voices, ideas, opinions, and experiences.